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1) A brief title for your dream, visions, prophecy, teaching or experience
2) The date you received or assembled your dream, vision, etc.
3) The content or body of your dream, vision etc.
4) Your full name
5) Your e-mail address

People who read your submission will be able to reach you with an e-mail address we will assign your posting i.e.:  johnsmith@missionavalanche.org

If your name is john smith, and your personal email address is johnsmith5434@yahoo.com, we will set up an email alias johnsmith@missionavalanche.orgĀ­, which will forward everything to johnsmit5434@yahoo.com.
So if you begin receiving a stream of unwanted emails we can turn off the email forwarding mechanism at your request.

There will be an opportunity for all that read your submission to make comments or ask questions and you will be given the opportunity to respond.  We at Mission Avalanche will be "overseeing the comments and replies so that all is done "decently and in order."

Best Regards,

Tom Heward & Allen Pouratian
w/Mission Avalanche