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EXPERIENCE PRIOR TO THE DREAM: About 7 or 8 years ago I went to a PEARL JAM concert in Long Island. I went together with a man who does a lot of witnessing and sharing the gospel. We went together for the purpose of talking to the large groups of people waiting around their vehicles prior to the concert, some just talking and some having their own Bar-B-Q. I engaged several individuals and then my interaction seemed to increase as I continued to do so talking about Christ and I think at one point I was addressing as many as 10 young men all at the same time and they were "asking me questions" - good serious questions - and I was doing my best to give them intelligent answers. My friend Joey was doing something similar - sometimes together with me and sometimes independently. We probably spent about an hour doing this and then the PEARL JAM concert began and they all headed for the auditorium entrance.

I got the idea of doing this "the day before the concert" when I learned they were coming to town. I called Joey that evening and we went the next day. It was not exactly what you would call "a well planned evangelistic outreach".

Then about a week later I decided to go to a popular music store where they sell Music CD's and I began investigating the kinds of music "this younger crowd" was listening to. They had earphones in the store so you could sample the CD's. I spent about 3 or 4 hours in the store "sampling" the various groups and kinds of music currently being sold and listened to by this age group. I actually liked it quite a bit and one group I liked in particular was GOOD CHARLOTTE. At the time Good Charlotte was in their beginning phase of making music. I read up a little on them and discovered they were all believers in Christ but not exactly "church goers". I immediately knew (I do have a kind of talent or insight to know music groups and individuals who will go "big time" often years prior to them reaching their success) this group was headed "big time" musically (and I was not attributing this ability or talent to any spiritual connections they did or did not have)

So then putting these 2 experiences together a few days later I had "what I would call" a pretty serious dream from the Lord about music groups and musicians.

So here is the dream:

DREAM: In the beginning of the dream it seems I have LOST my living bible. So I begin looking for my LOST living bible. I finally find it. I pick up this bible and notice that there are 100's of little CD tabs attached to the pages of the bible (these are the CD Tabs you find in music stores that are often a\ttached to the CD's "they relate to" where the CD's are displayed to purchase or listen to). Now understand these little CD Tabs are organized and sticking up from the pages of my living bible almost like markers you might find on a bible that marked the individual books of the bible i.e. Genesis, Exodus etc. I then open my bible to one of these CD tabs and on the tab or tabs is the name of a singer or band. Then on that particular page of the bible there seems to be 1 or 2 verses that have been emphasized with bolded lettering and I know that this particular singer or band God desires to save (this is just the way dreams are: you just know certain things in the dream) and the bolded verse was to be applied to this particular singer or band in prayer or in person for their salvation. End of dream.

DREAM INTERPRETATION: My lost living bible stood for the lost that have no life apart from God. The fact that I found my lost living bible suggests that I would play a part in finding the lost and leading them to life. The 100's of CD tabs stood for the 100's of lost singers and bands in this nation and around the world. Each CD tab was tied to a particular page of the living bible and the bolded scriptures on that page stood for the particular word God wanted to use in reaching this singer or band.

EXPERIENCE AFTER THE DREAM: And this was only the beginning. Not long after this dream I met and became friends with a bass player who was a believer in Christ, 22 years old and part of a 4 piece band doing "Death Metal" with a christian twist. I then began to have multiple similar dreams along this line of "targeting singers or bands" for salvation. I also began doing a lot of "going to clubs" in the local Long Island scene together with my new friend and since he knew several other bands and band members I had many opportunities to talk to members of these bands on a more personal basis and had opportunities to talk to some of them about Christ in a friendly, non-threatening way. I discovered that no matter where I went or what I did - be it browsing books in a Barnes & Noble or having a coffee at a Starbucks I would find myself sitting next to or conversing with a younger man and this man would be part a local band and we would strike up a "casual friendship". So I saw 'early on' that God was interested in musicians, their music and desiring to have them be a part of His Kingdom.

Tom Heward