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Wrath Or Revival?


The great majority of Christians in America have turned their back on the Lord causing their cities to be given over to wickedness and becoming a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus is going to cleanse the land by fire. In the months preceding this "outbreak of war" there will be great shortages of food, provisions and fuel. Armed citizens (many well meaning but deceived state malitias) will begin fighting against the government from the middle of the country. International events involving North Korea and Japan will prove a catalyst plunging America into war. At some point America will declare war on China. Russia, having allied themselves with China, will fight against America launching a 'sneak attack' from the oceans firing nuclear missiles from submarines lying just off the East and West Coasts. Russian troops will stage an air assault and land-based invasion penetrating from the North through Canada and Alaska. Hordes of Chinese and North Korean troops will invade the California coast. Missiles will be launched from Cuba, Mexico and Nicaragua while 'Islamic' terrorists, backed by Russia agents, already positioned within America, will join the fray introducing a 'reign of terror' with chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. God, in His Wrath, has ordained this GREAT JUDGMENT through His Son Jesus Christ and only those who are born-again, washed in the Blood of the Lamb and living obedient and God-Fearing lives will be spared. God has been calling America to repentance for over 60 years - particularly through the Word of God according to 2 Chron 7:14 "If My People - NOT if America's Government Leaders........"

There is "ONE AND ONLY ONE WAY" God's Wrath ordained for America can be stopped. That is by an Anointed Holy Ghost Revial among His Sons & Daughters in America Now - beginning with Leadership.

Tom Heward

"Welsh Revival Song"