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The Seven Story Believer Versus The Twenty Story Believer


The Lord gave me a dream about 2 months ago as I had gone to a church here in Southern California that were believers but seemed no one ever mentioned praying in tongues or dreams or visions or supernatural healings.

So I went on line to listen KKLA and came to realize that a large majority of the churches here in Los Angeles either do not believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or actually against it as being of the devil. They say repentance and being born again is all that is necessary for being a new creature in Christ and having the Holy Spirit dwell in your body. So after researching all this the Lord gave me a dream. I call it the 7 story Christians vs the 20 story Christians.

I was an architect for about 30 years and in this dream I was inspecting a newly erected steel building in the downtown LA area. When I came to the 7th story of this building I was inspecting I noticed they had stopped building and had no intentions of going any higher. Then across the way I noticed another building that was completed and 20 stories. So there were 2 buildings in this dream of buildings I was inspecting. One unfinished 7 story building and another completed 20 story building. I pondered the dream: I have been dreaming for some time now and the Lord has actually asked me to write a book on dreams and how to interpret them. This is the meaning of the dream.

The uncompleted 7 story structure stands for a christian believer who repents and receives Jesus Christ as Savior so then he is a new creature in Christ and has the indwelling Holy Spirit but notice - the 7 story building was not complete. The Lord made it clear to me that the 20 story building stood for the believer who had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

It is the 20 story building the Lord desires to build in a christian's life but many settle or are led to believe that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in other tongues passed away with Pentacost of Acts and the Acts of the Apostles but that is not the truth. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is to empower the believer with the gifts of the spirit and open he or she up to the many additional ways God can speak to His people through dreams or visions or prophetic utterance.

Tom Heward