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By Thomas Heward on Thursday, February 2011 a prophetic dream regarding the future of America:

I was in the home of a young christian woman and I was talking to her about revival. I had a piece of bread cut in half in my hand with a pepper and piece of cheese or meat on it. This woman was sitting in a 'lazy boy recliner' and I was trying to explain to her about "the need for revival now!!" How the 'Wrath of God' which will find expression in the enemies He is and has been raising up to come against this nation will soon descend upon America if we do not 'Start a Revival Now!'

Then 'Over a Speaker in Her Home' this christian woman's mother (who is also a believer) - and had been upstairs - having overheard my conversation with her daughter 'regarding the need for a revival 'now!' Made the following statement:

"You're like a Gateway to What's Going On!" - be it 'God's Wrath' or 'A Godly Revival' being the alternative to His Wrath. She was calling me 'A Gateway' to both understand and inform regarding the things that were 'Destined to Come Upon Our Nation' based on the choice's God had set before us at this time.

I then realized that the 'Home Speaker System' she was using was 'A Two-Way System' and I said to her "Ma'am, you're pretty perceptive."

Then she kind of went to sleep and I began to hear the song (being played over this home speaker system) 'Freight Train' performed by Peter, Paul & Mary.

I knew 'within the dream' that the 'Freight Train' stood for 'The Judgment or Wrath that God was Preparing' to come upon this Nation if there was not an 'Immediate Response' in the form of a 'Genuine Revival' among his people which was the only way to 'Hold Back' or 'Counteract' the Wrath being prepared for America.

Some dream interpretation: The Christian Woman relaxing and listening to me in the 'lazy boy recliner' is a picture of the current 'laid back attitude' of the American Church regarding the immediate need for revival. The fact that I had a slice of bread with jalapeno, cheese and meat on it shows my own lack of commitment regarding 'pressing into the Kingdom of God through the self-denial of fasting' even though these issues are very 'In My Face' so to speak. Her mother 'in the dream' stands for the Grace of God and the fact that her mother is listening from the 2nd floor makes her mother's input more significant. As the second floor in a dream often depicts a higher level of spiritual input.

Tom Heward

"Freight Train" - Peter, Paul & Mary