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An avalanche roars rapidly down the mountainside burying everything in its path transforming the browns, blacks, grays and greens of the former landscape to a brilliant white. Medium, tall and short stands of evergreens, vegetation, rock outcroppings, stream beds and valleys find themselves unified and indistinguishable one from the other due to the overwhelming accumulation of snow. All is now a brilliant white and a quiet stillness permeates the transformed landscape.


Even so at this current hour Jesus Christ has issued a command from the Heavenlies according to Acts 2:17. “That an Avalanche (outpouring) of His Spirit come upon His People.” The Holy Spirit is the fabric of Revival. In His presence there is conviction of sin, the desire to repent, manifestation of spiritual gifts, restoration, miracles of healing, dreams, visions, prophecy, brotherly affection and 'the lost' are found.